Our Heritage

This beautiful farm located here in Sydney at Kemps Creek has been in our family for 3 generations. Established by Tony and Alfina Grasso, their ambition was to provide families with a fun and peaceful destination to come pick their own fresh Christmas Tree. Tony’s dream was to help families get into the spirit of Christmas and bring an age old tradition back to life. He loved to see children running through the many rows of trees with such excitement at the prospect of picking their very own Christmas tree to take home and decorate. He believed you could never beat that fresh smell of a live Christmas tree at home.

After many years of nurturing these baby trees, Tony and Alfina’s labour of love became a reality in 2012 when they were able to harvest the first fresh trees to sell to the public.

They were overwhelmed with the positive feedback they received about how healthy, fresh and well shaped their trees were.

Sadly, in February of 2013 Tony was diagnosed with asbestos cancer and quickly lost his battle with the terrible disease. His wife and children are determined to have his legacy live on at the farm, and fulfil his dream of bringing joy to families at this special time of year.

Grasso family carry on the legacy
Tony Grasso gave his life to his family. After retirement, the dedicated husband, father and grandfather put his blood, sweat and tears into building a legacy that would live on. Almost eight years ago, he and his wife Alfina started their Christmas Tree Farm in Kemps Creek. After seven years of laborious work, Mr Grasso saw only one harvest before he died. For 11 weeks he battled with a very aggressive case of mesothelioma or asbestos cancer.
He died in May 2013. His daughter, Deb Brincat, said her family was still recovering from the shock. ‘‘We are a very close family,’’ she said

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